J Op-Up

J = standard business class fare. Y = economy. F = first. more airline jargon. =p

Op-Up, in case you missed the other post, is Operational Upgrade. I realised that I cannot say I was bumped up because bumped typically means displaced off the flight. I was Op-Uped on SQ 517. 🙂


I arrived at the check-in counter and was overjoyed to be presented with this pre-printed ticket. I realised later that Advance Op-Up tickets are preprinted for you. (except for handwritten ones at the gate, but that is called Gate Op-Up).

Blue ticket! I also hear that SIA Op-Ups are very rare (compared to american airlines like United) because SIA has excellent inventory management, they regularly sell their J and F tickets which are more lucrative than Y tickets, they want to retain the exclusivity and prestige of their J and Y cabins. But it still happens. Once in 50 flights in my case. american airlines like to upgrade often because that is part of the perceived perks of frequent flying and in turn many ppl avoid buying full J fare and hope for upgrades.


I am in seat 16C. 1-10 is reserved for F numbers i believe, 11-20 for J, and the rest for Y. I think. Anyway there’s no F on this flight, so I am actually only in the 6th row, which is the last J row and near the toilet. So I guess not the best J seat. *G status is also not printed on this ticket. Star Alliance Gold. 30 seats in J in 2-2-2 config for 5 rows.


The still-rather-dull-disaster-retardant plastic that they use to build everything in the cabin. Slots for items on the middle of the seats. Twin seats. Top for right seat, bottom for left seat, note the arrows. Sweet sennheiser earphones in the pack. Holes for mineral water below. Two compartments for barang barang. Vertical oval is a slide out coat hook. not visible: left bottom of my seat armrest is a laptop slot, left front of the same area are two slots for ipod. ~15″ screen with privacy filter and same Krisflyer In Flight Entertainment IFE system as Y.

FOOD!. Table Cloth. Tray. Butter (not wrapped up). Glasses. Unwrapped everything like cutlery. ie no plastic to fumble with. That’s salmon appetiser. with Salad stuff. No roving trolleys, food is pre-ordered and hand carried to you.


Lamb main course. I think that’s some potaytays and ratatouille or similar. It was 1am I couldnt think very well. Yummy of course.

Citrus Creme Brulee. One of my unhealthiest days of the year because I had two full dinners.

And with the magic seat reclined back (it goes down further, but then that’ll be so slow its impossible to watch movies). Privacy screens are great. Entire cabin was exceedingly quiet and calm.

J Op-Up