Is Art Art?

Is Art Art?


I had a great discussion discourse discussion with S last night on almost exactly this topic. Is Art Art? What constitutes Art? or art? Do grotesque shocking and apparently distasteful public performances deserve to be described in the same realm as other immediately beautiful installations? Or then again, what is Art with a large A and art with a small a?

I believe that art is just a description of expressive forms, and doesn’t pass any judgement on the value or beauty of a particular work, be it as casual as a kid’s doodle or as official as a MOMA wall hanging. Life exists and things exists and people do things they choose to do.

Alternatively we could go into a discussion of Is Music Music? or what is noise and what is music. ~

That said, I could never comprehend why certain categories of Art tends to gravitate towards the shocking forms.


[Photo of a G.O.D. teacup I bought in HK. love it]

Is Art Art?

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