Iron throne

Watched some of Game of Thrones. My impression:

1. Not grand. No big battles. Probably too expensive to film/CGI and not worth it for a 1hr show.

2. If no big battles, then? Lots of talking. Talk is cheap and easy to film. Just scripting, no CGI.

3. Lots of whoring and nudity, which isn’t sexy. Again, hey it’s easy to film and cheap on the design department, no budget needed. Mostly just to show the crassness of the society I guess. Meh. They don’t smoke much though.

4. People dying. Interesting way of killing off characters. But it probably means there’s a next bigger character.

5. Violence. So so, not a lot, not the main point anyway.

6. Scheming. Still alright. Lots of fools though. Old age scheming is so mal-informed. Silly even. Ppl need better spies.

7. Of all the characters, I like the imp the best. Most witty and smart, and not really caring that much about all the competition. Amusing.

8. Old men are boring.

Iron throne

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