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Prometheus TED 2023

Prometheus David

Videos that blew Jh’s mind off. AND that is quite a compliment. Jh is not impressed easily. =)

The TED video was a lovingly detailed rendition of what TED might be like in 2023, with huge arenas, crisp suits, camera flashes, big screens, flowing feeds on the screens, bigger dreams. Some really lovely quotes in there…
A master story-teller and orater.
“The trick, is not minding it hurts.” – confidence. and bigger things.
“The gods, I must say, overreacted.” – mocking.
“fire, our first true piece of technology.” – hint. fire. power. destruction.
“gunpowder, a game changer that.” – lovely side tone.
“We, are gods now.” – super cool statement.
“You will be aware by now that my ambition is unlimited.” – !
“For those of you who do not know me yet, allow me to introduce myself.” – class. pure class.
“If you’ll indulge me, I’d like to change the world.” – power statement. Boss. confidence, pride, hubris.

The David video really really stunned me. It was beautifully, elaborately crafted. The CGI looked beautifully simple and read, and probably involved a huge amount of thought and detail. It is the hardest to appear effortless and real. The challenge was to create a robot so real that it was almost indistinguisable from human, and yet the viewer can still feel that this is a robot. An eerie robot. Ominous.

“What is it about robots that make them so robotic?” – it places a question in the viewers’ minds and throughout the clip you are constantly looking out for hints and clues and differences.
“I can do almost anything that can be asked of me.” – a sense of power and capability.
“I can carry out directives that my human counterparts would have found… distressing… or unethical.” – a crazily innocent and calm tone of voice seems to hint at an unethical robot. very unhuman, and distressing to humans.
“I think about anything.” – a thinking robot? oh dear. what did Isaac Asimov say about free thought
“David. What makes you sad?” – emotions? uh oh. but hmm sadness?
“War. Poverty. Cruelty. Unnecessary violence.” – intriguingly well programmed. but what is unnecessary violence?
“I understand human emotions, although I do not feel them myself.”
“…efficient, more capable. It makes it easier for my human counterparts to interact with me.” – human counterparts. equals. comparables.
“I would like to express gratitude for those who created me.” – emotions. sounds free. like children.
“Happy Birthday David, from Weyland Industries.” – treating it as a person with a birthday. ultra chic way of introducing the company name.
“Technological, Intellectual, Physical, Emotional.” – wow. emotional. hmm. this generation becomes emotional, what now?

Prometheus the movie opens in June in US. You can also watch the normal trailer of the wham-bam space fight movie, but it’s not really important. These two videos are probably worth more than the entire movie.

These two videos are really inspiring. Like how Instagram photos are inspiring. It might be a silly app sometimes, it might be trivial or frivolous. But it is inspiring in a way. It might have set back human photography skills by decades (haha), but it improved sharing. These things are beautiful, cool, amazing, stunning like how Diablo III isn’t, which is sad. I exit the game and I find other better inspirations. The games have become more stale than real life. Than where I’m fiddling with the Spanish lessons (quite fun!), like cool RSS feeds, like Youtube which Google bought and free-ed and breathed life into, like Frankie and Monocle and All My Friends Are Dead and XKCD. Life is meant to be fun, inspiring, cool, advancing, not stale and restrictive and limiting like how politics and rules can be. No, that isn’t fun. It is sad and unfortunate to be born into it. I am glad I am not there.

Be Inspired. Be Inspiring.


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