Hadn’t play badminton in literally months! On a whim I decided I needed to smash something harder than tennis balls and I went down to play. Started off in a relaxed manner as I wanted to conserve energy for tennis the next day.
Then I watched the other court – with the older and really experienced players. Oddly enough there were two younger girls there, and they were obviously properly trained in the techniques of proper badminton strokes. Dang, how come they can appear to hit so lightly and yet move the shuttle so fast? So the next two games I focused more, kept the proper stroke techniques in my mind, and went on a real blast. Wow when I’m focused it’s like playing on drugs – I seem to move faster, react faster, be able to return faster balls, and also hit more accurately. What a real joy to play. Seriously floating in the zone. Need to remind myself that it doesn’t mean I have to hit harder, it simply means more focus, better placement, accurate shots both hard and soft, really sweet drop shots, finesse net play and just having alot of fun. I was rather surprised I could play so well after being away for a few months and playing lots of tennis. Cool.
Somehow I still think badminton is really more fun to play than tennis. Closer interaction with opponents, faster, less pauses, less wait, less flight time, less long distance running, ability to hit soft shots. But no sun.

Tennis today was pretty fun too. How did my simple backhand get so effortlessly comfortable! And how did my forehand degrade so much, unless I spin it alot. Control’s improving. Non-traveling backhands are annoying. Wrist is tired, but that’s probably the badminton smashing.


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