I read an article on Business Insider that was talking about living beneath your means. On an aside, business insider doesn’t write very fantastic articles in general. What caught my eye was this term status immunity. In general the advice is to spend within your means, and avoid buying larger houses and cars when you have a single bit of free cash. There’s also the related phenomenon of how there can be cash-rich millionaires living in nondescript places driving nondescript cars. You could well associate it with them being just stinky scrooges, or take this term status immunity. It can be explained as not feeling the need to conform, or compete, or simply worry about a person’s appearance and status. Incredibly, once you shed off this desire, there’s not even any effort required to rein in expenses.

I feel like I often practice it. Consciously or not. I don’t see the need to buy fancy drinks if really just plain water will satisfy me fully. I know I can afford xxx phone or xxx computer if I wanted to, but there’s no need to. I know that I could buy a limited quantity of branded bags or clothes or shoes if I wanted to, but I don’t desire it and it doesn’t make me happy. I spend on what makes me happy. I buy books and books and books. I believe I spend more on books than clothes. I buy my computer accessories because I spend so much time on it that it’s good returns. I buy phones I like because I use it for hours each day. I don’t get a car because I’d get really annoyed at traffic, multiple bills, parking, the inherent lack of safety.

How about… Budget your Wants, Spend Freely, and don’t let others influence what you really want.


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  1. pot says:

    that is some seriously good advice! yeah i think that i have some sort of status immunity in sort of a perverse way too as i am not rich enough to have the mentality to spend as much as i would like to. heh.

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