Apple announced iMessage, their own proprietary closed data-based messaging service for the iOS ecosystem. Immediately, everybody compared it to the BlackBerry Messenger. So, what’s the deal? It is seen as another nail on the coffin for RIM and also a slap in the face to telecommunications providers. It potentially replaces one of the most important bastions of the BlackBerry community that has detered so many people from leaving. It robs the service providers of SMS income.

But is it really that bad as those media pundits like to rave about?

As with any decently mature, advanced and comprehensive corporation (I sound like I am describing a civilisation), they will do their risk analysis, and dissect their own products and competition. BlackBerry, BBM. Questions and scenarios like what exact advantage do we have? How much of an advantage is it? How far are the competitors to it? What if, what if we lose this exact advantage? How do we stay ahead? How do we keep it better? Could the competitors do the exact same thing? What if they did?

Incorporated companies thrive on a fleeting existence fueled by a transient dominance in the marketplace of a few products. I am pretty sure the folks at RIM are pretty much mentally prepared for such an eventuality. In disaster preparation, you prepare for the worst case scenario, and then some. That said, they are obviously still gonna be unhappy to hear the news.

I think BBM is more than that. It’s more than a Whatsapp, a Beluga (bet u never heard of this one), an iMessage. The BBM service is attached to the international roaming of the phones, how it is more widespread, how it is easier to get a roaming data connection on it, how more reliable in uptime of service – partly because it isn’t free. How it comes with a physical qwerty keyboard and believe me it is faster to type on. How there is such a thing as separating work and personal.

But you know, I’m tired of all these closed systems which cannot interact with others. The world seems to be getting too segmented. It is very sad. After a decade of ICQ, MSN, AOL messenger, Yahoo messenger, Fb chat, Skype, BBM, blah blah blah, why can’t the world work together to produce a damn good messenger system where I can reach anyone and stop wasting time and money. why. Phones are made to work with any phone, computers are made to work with any computer. I think that is the premise that we need. Emails work over any and every platform, why can’t messaging be the same?