Image Searching with Google Custom Search API

Oh man, the Google Custom Search API is pretty cool – you get to run searches using Google’s engine, but the free API tier is really low. A quota of 100 per day, which includes retrieving more results, actual queries, requeries… It’s barely enough for a handful of searches a day.

Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 10.10.51 pmBut hey check out the very pretty API stats. Errors don’t count, thankfully, but they are nicely logged.

I’ve taken an open source Image Search app and changed the API a bit to enable higher limits. The awesome Android app helps to search, download and attach images into your chats/emails/apps. You can download my version which should hopefully work better. It should be live by tomorrow on the Google PlayStore. (It takes quite awhile for things to get through the PlayStore.)

It’s gonna need to have in-app billing to survive the API limits though. or some form of payment/revenue.





Image Searching with Google Custom Search API

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