Oxford Dictionaries define i-de-a as


1. a thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action

– a concept or mental impression

– an opinion or belief

2. the aim or purpose

3. Philosophy (in Platonic thought) an eternally existing pattern of which individual things in any class are imperfect copies.


I admit I am surprised by number 3, although I oughta have learnt that in philo class half a decade ago.

Back to the topic,

I am intrigued by “Concept”. Last night in bed I was gripped by the (darn pun) idea or concept, of concept. I was seized by flashbacks of all the “Concept” films like Inception and Matrix series and other mind-bogglers like Eternal Sunshine, V for Vendetta. I had a compulsive urge to ensure that I owned the DVD collection of those movies lest they disappear before I can show them to my grandchildren.

Ideas, concepts, frame of mind, perspectives, boxes, walls, glass ceilings, ceilings are all so incredibly fascinating, rivetting. I cannot imagine (darn oxymoron) anything more exciting than a fresh revolutionary idea. And I had one last night. But that’s a long story for another day – a simple object can take ages to explain.

Last night I saw Tris’ fb link to several StraitsTimes Forum posts pertaining to the Presidential Elections. Yes the poll is over, but the talk isn’t. It was both fascinating and freaky to read what some people think. This guy acknowledges that democracy and freedom is necessary and right, but contends that with our need for stability, we ought to not practice perfect democracy and instead make do. Another was relieved that Tony Tan was elected in, why, would it be such a disaster if Tan Cheng Bock got in? It’ll hardly wreck anything. What was incredulous wasn’t that these people supported Tony Tan and the PAP outright, but rather the extreme irrational fears that consumed them, their bony white knuckles clutching on to the history books refusing to let go as it sank into the water, their old scratched spectacle lenses and a maladjustment to the new or current world. Safety and progress never went together. You cannot both hold on to the previous door keeping it open while stretching out to open the next one. At some point of time the ship has to leave the shore, sails the open sea, lose sight of the shore, and find a new one.

Maybe they aren’t wrong, maybe when we grow up and reach a certain age and have dependents, we value security and stability more.


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