Phone Diaries:

1. itching to use Android again. not surprising there. also itching to use Android 4.0 / Ice Cream Sandwich. but not very satisfied with the specs of Galaxy Nexus. alas that is not going to change. tempted to get it. also tempted to wait for SIII.

2. not satisfied with running CyanogenMod7 on the HTC Incredible S. decided to try out ICS ROMs. could not install successfully because security is still on, aka S-On. but still alright because can reinstall CM7 easily anytime I want.

3. after following  a long tutorial, had to downgrade my phone baseband? to 1.13 instead of 1.16, which involved downloading an older version of HTC RUU.

4. then had to S-off the phone. finally done with this s-off thing after a year.

5. then install Ice Cream Sandwich rom. which keeps freezing once in awhile. let’s hope this gets fixed somehow. hope the forum ppl find a fix.

6. and then many many attempts to reinstall all my apps. there are so many apps… and there are so many settings pages to customize.

i gotta note that once my contacts are synced up to google account, it’s ridiculously fast to sync contacts into the phone! it’s like, on a fresh reboot, the contacts are already fully on. omg. so fast! it used to scare ppl so much to change a phone because contacts will disappear. i hope they do this to SMSes and photos as well so that nobody needs to export SMSes anymore. no, wait, the world doesnt care much about sms any longer.

long story short, Ice Cream Sandwich is good. but you still need your apps else it’s just a smart baby.

time for me to go back to using AppBrain App market to sync my app list. Why oh why can’t Android Market Google Play just auto download all my apps in.


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