I miss the old you

I miss the old you.

The one I met when I was younger and still in school.

These days you seem to be into a new fad. Something like the modern coupon-ing that’s all the rage. Like that thing housewives used to cut out of the papers. You seem to be obsessed over the email version of it or something. It wouldn’t be so bad, but every week you get this travel lust, you want to go to these dubious restaurants, and flit promiscuously between waxing and massage salons.

It doesn’t seem like you care so much, it doesn’t seem like we talk anymore. I mean, I know you have started remembering my friends’ birthdays again. Thanks for trying. But it just isn’t quite like how we used to do it anymore.

Nowadays when we go out on weekends, it’s just window shopping. “Check this out”, “Check that out”, “Oh isn’t this cheap!” You keep recommending me products you saw. Well, some of them are nice. But could we not go shopping for once? I just feel like sitting down and talking sometimes. It doesn’t have to be cappuccinos or lattes. A park bench will do. One hardly sees those these days. We don’t have to live in a shopping mall.

At least you aren’t so obsessed over those games of yours now. I know they can be fun. Maybe just not for me. I must have declined so many times that you stopped inviting me anymore. No it’s not that I don’t like your friends. It’s just boring if all they do is stare at their screens all the time.

I know sometimes I’m a little quiet, but I got a little tired of answering whether I like this or I like that. Sometimes it’s just, well, ok. Let’s try going back to “How are you today?” or “What have you been up to?”.
And that guy you invited over? He’s kind of odd. Could we not have him over for dinner next time? He makes conversation awkward. I know he’s some friend of your best friend, or was it college?

I know this makes me sound old but remember that old “kampung spirit”? Back then we used to like play pranks and throw sheep and send pokes. Haha. Those were the days wasn’t it? I miss them. Now it’s all these new people from elsewhere. I mean, yeah we need new immigrants and to network with these people to grow our influences and economy and make money. But this just doesn’t feel like home anymore. If you know what I mean.

What do you mean I dislike. Yeah well you keep rearranging the living room furniture I don’t even know where to hang my paintings and I can’t find my old photo albums, goodness knows that you did with my friends email list I hope you didn’t throw it when we moved for the 5th time in 5 years.

I know, people change. I shouldn’t have expected you to be the same forever. But I don’t know, it all just feels different.

A la prochaine, Facebook.


I miss the old you

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