I ask of you a little favor

Today I ask of you a little favor
I hope this you would grant.
wake up tomorrow, wake up and see the world
leave your backpacks and handbags behind
take just your wallet and your keys
you don’t need that extra credit card and that lipgloss
you can survive without the earphones and ipad
now go, take a step without the weight
of the world and your own self on your back
feel the lightness of your step, turn into the breeze on your face
let your arms swing free without baggage, let your feet dance without sweat
listen with your eyes, see with your ears: the world sings, its sings for you.
put down the newspapers, turn off the gadgets
forget their stories, forget even mine.
see the world through your own two eyes.
smile out loud to yourself, sillyly if you must
for you are alive and you are free.
skip the facebooks and the twitters:
there are no memories to share if you do not create any
The only ones worth remembering are forever etched in your mind.
Walk a little slower, let others envy your freedom;
Be a minute late for work, say sorry, but know inside that you chose to be late.
Smile in the elevator, let them wonder why you are smiliing;
Grin to the salesman like you know a secret they don’t, let them be puzzled.
Life is an experience, an expression of your Self.
You are your own self today

– Jh

Written on the way to work, because it was such a happy morning.
goes well with David Lanz, Jesse Cook, some Yanni and some Enya.

and Read.

I ask of you a little favor

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