How many platforms

Arguably, the mobile world is only composed of iOS and Android – two operating systems / and platforms that originate in the small tiny area of California / Silicon Valley, in the single country – USA. What are the chances, and what could potentially be the problem with this?

Truthfully, it’s probably a high chance – Sun Microsystems, IBM, Microsoft, and many other big tech companies all grew up in that same strip of land. All the expertise and diaspora who would want to write their own systems are in there. Not all, of course, there are alternatives in the world, but to have the influence, clout, base, marketing and network effects to be the eminent platform and OS, that’s tough for others. Samsung had a fairly sizeable thing going for awhile, but couldn’t get rid of Android. Some other manufacturers had their own variants, but were built-on Android. It was probably too much work, effort and cost to write an entire OS, and keep at it for years until it catches up to the fluidity and comprehensiveness of Android, and iOS. Heck it took some years for Android to catch up to iOS, and that was by giving it away free open-source, low priced handsets, and the big fat wallet of Google. The three biggest and richest companies – Apple, Microsoft, and Google, all have the established and dominating systems and platforms.

But what if it’s probably a good thing, as long as interests align and the prices don’t go too high? If all mobile developers had to write for iOS, Android and 5 other systems, the same app would possibly not be available on some of them, or the costs would go up dramatically, or there would be a consolidating layer, etc. It’s tough to differentiate out the value. Hence platform wars. Hence the race to the top and only a few can survive.

Without this, we wouldn’t have the wealth of free apps that we have, we would have to pay for apps like how we used to pay $30 to $300 for boxed software discs back in the days of Windows 95. Gosh computing was expensive, websites were slow and basic, command prompts was more common.


Wow so apparently Huawei is also affected by ARM, Qualcomm, Intel, Bluetooth, SDcard, and goodness knows how many other core technologies. It’s going to be one crazy battle / trade war / upheaval in the technology world.

How many platforms

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