Highway 1

Stories have been told of this famous highway running down the Californian coast. We started from LA -> Santa Barbara lunch -> Cambria[1] -> Monterey[1] -> SF. Not much time for stopovers – it was a long road.

Highway 1 was:

the blue-ness of each town and beach
the same frivolity of sea-side peoples around the world
the unexpected furry-culture of USA
the open flat beaches
the unending UV-filtered views out the dashboard onto grey tar, brown hills, flat land
the harsh coast, especially in grey weather
the long expanse of rocks and waves
the small town house and restaurants on ‘Main Street’
yet another coastal wharf
with wooden beams and fresh fish
the classic motel breakfast

I guess, Highway 1 is in-a-way pretty, like the architectural brutalist style. It’s a raw, unfiltered, wild, rocky, stretch of nature, with winds, waves, sun, and unfriendly hills that wills you to drive quickly through, while at the same time marveling at its power.

The scarcity of petrol stations, the scarcity of mobile network reception, of food, town, bathrooms, everything really. But also the lovely towns (too far apart IMHO), the californian wharves.

I’d have to say this was a brutal coast, and there are far friendlier and easier ones. For the wharves, you can experience that in LA, SF, Monterey without getting so wild, for the drive, you probably need to be used to those distances to appreciate it, for the distance, it’s more suited for a high speed rail line. But hey, you could always take the non-sightseeing highway.

Highway 1

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