I salute you, for running 15 km in the rain in flip-flops and holding a compact digital camera to chase the youth olympic torch. Now that’s the stuff dreams and movies are made of.Not to mention making front page of the national papers. Quite worth destroying a camera for. But with your natural ability, you should upgrade to a better camera and try some paparazzi fieldwork. Cool though. Darn I really need to run more.

You know, I was thinking, they need better torch bearers. For example I would like to see my favorite mee pok uncle, the 7-11 cashier, the Old Chang Kee auntie, the grumpy bus driver, the famous chicken rice guy, the kids…

The straits times must have received hundreds of emails on this. They chose to publish one letter in the forum which I think very well captured the essence. He mentioned how this boy’s actions recalled the ‘ the innocence’, ‘ less complicated times’ and the ‘ exuberance of youth’. Oh, lovely. Since we are going to have him carry the torch tomorrow, can he take over LKY’s slot please,i think it would mean so much more to everyone that way. :p


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