all sorts of different heartaches.

from all sorts of different people.

of all sorts of different people.

how many days left?

I got back from mumbai this morning on a nice flight. It was pretty empty and I got to lie down and sleep on 3 seats.

I have the day off today and tomorrow.
It kinda feels funny after being at ‘work’ for so many days. and being in india for so many days. home feels weird. like a vastly different rhythm of life. like coming back to wonder where all your friends have squirreled themselves to. but everyone has their things to do, of course.
It’s been quite awhile since i’ve been free on a weekday. It’s definitely bizarre feeling.
Slept some at home, had a late lunch. my eating habits are downright disastrous these days. Been skipping some meals in india, and eating at odd times of the day. hai.
Abit of disjointed email but im feeling kinda disjointed.
Went out to walk abit. The weather here is really hot. kills me.
Ended up buying my new computer game! command and conquer 4! That will entertain me for quite awhile. But I already got stuck after 2-3 hours. The missions are so difficult. I’m dejected. I’m too old for this, haha. havent really been playing for quite some time. somehow. less time. or photos. or something.
its 2am. here, at least.
heartache. got reminded of zera/joshua.
i dunno. it hurts.
it does hurt. and it also hurts that i think i shouldnt talk about it now.
save me.


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