Happy New Year

Happy 2012 Everybody.

I was listening to some music on the way home. Thought of this song: Peng You [Youtube]. One of my top favourites ever. Loved it alot. Love the lyrics. Love the tune.

朋友 一生一起走 那些日子 不再有
一句話 一輩子 一生情 一杯酒
朋友 不曾孤單過 一聲朋友 你會懂
還有傷 還有痛 還要走 還有我

Some things are better said in Chinese. To those who do not understand chinese…it’s good to learn.

Let’s all keep in touch with each other =) Friends are precious.

Realised I haven’t watched fireworks in some time. It’s still pretty. Didn’t see any new fancy designs though. Crowd seemed greater than ever. Oh dear. It’s already difficult enough for me as a local to get around, I wonder how crazy it’ll be if I do it overseas. Heck, only that many/few New Years to go around.

Happy New Year

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