Some things that happened.

My S3 died, that is a fair annoyance but so far hasn’t killed me. I was pretty surprised how different it felt this time round – I didn’t hesitate to attempt to perform a nandroid restore (last image done was two weeks ago), I didn’t worry about the data on my phone, contacts fine, smses nothing crucial, email fine, apps fine, app data on Titanium, app list doesn’t matter, photos either on sd card or g+ and/or dropbox. So that’s that, a phone is just another device now, with everything becoming gradually more and more portable, more and more synced. That’s really great. I can get almost any replacement phone if I wished, even if it’s an iphone I can still do almost everything. It could be any modern Android phone, just that I would need to go through lots of settings again. But it was really really worry-free, and that’s the most important part. Having a few days of downtime or even having to pay for a new phone doesn’t even come close to worrying about losing information.

So anyway the nandroid restore didn’t work because apparently it couldn’t format some partition !!??!? like what…..
And then I restarted the phone, and now I couldn’t even get into bootloader! what….it gets worse huh.
And I finally discovered I can still get into ODIN download mode.. okay better than nothing, not completely dead.
So I download a bunch of stuffs, a fresh stock image, Odins, drivers, toolkit, and attempt to flash via Odin. Couldn’t work, couldn’t find PIT Partiion. Like wow what is all this.
Then I researched around, tried to do a re-parition, and that didn’t work too.
Give up, gonna send it in.

So I was at the Samsung service centre, and it was pretty smooth, there was a queue but very fast moving. There was a poor man w family next to me, railing about the loss of his photos even though the service guy supposedly transferred it out to sd card for him the last time and he paid like $60 for an sd card, and blah blah. Oops. But he’s an iphone user and it’s probably his not so techy daughter’s phone so too bad for them. Well well, go do proper backups…even if you’re using Samsung’s KIES desktop software…

We’ll see when I get phone back. Hopefully Monday.

Cloud Atlas.

I suppose it is the kind of movie that keeps me so confused, and riveted, and amused. It is just out so I really don’t want to give out spoilers. It has a top notch cast, Wachowsky brothers directing, and a fabulous storyline.
It borrows elements from Matrix, a lot of sci fi movies, maybe Inception?


G+ Communities are certainly bizarre undecipherable creatures, with very strict privacy settings that are difficult to breach. If Facebook is too discoverable right now, G+ is really undiscoverable in some aspects.

I’m also pretty surprised at the building of trust in communities, and the natural election of leaders. It’s interesting, and really surprising how things fall into place, and how difficult it can be to breach that when factions form.


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