hackneyed stereotypes

saw this on Today or some daily papers, i thought it was rather well commented:

SubTitle: North Korea’s World Cup foray shows that behind the hackneyed stereotypes lie very normal people.

Then there is the purported attempt by the Brazilians to exchange
jerseys with their North Korean counterparts. the latter declined that
exchange not because they were unwilling, but because they only had
two sets of jerseys each. …

pretty impressed with some of the smaller teams. especially New Zealand! woohoo they are absolutely fantastic. =) the spirit of Sports. just like the incredible tennis game. as they said, it was so amazing because the game was worth so little – two low ranked players, playing on Court 18, a first round match, not a final, not a semi final, and they battled it out without giving up. both of them do not deserve to loose. if only we could find a way to reward them more. =) normal people doing incredible things.

two sets of jerseys. wow. =)

hackneyed stereotypes

One thought on “hackneyed stereotypes

  1. jx says:

    wow =)
    that’s amazing.
    wonder how many sets of jerseys the bigger teams have…

    we praise and sing about great sporting spirit, but it’s a rather difficult thing to reward (tributes? media mentions?)

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