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So everyone has heard about how Apple has awesome designers and is great at getting high quality display screens and designs fabulous devices. That’s great for the asthetic crowd. Now if you’re the nerd crowd, Google’s secrets would probably be the ultimate fantasy. So I heard they design their own network switchs and go straight to asian manufacturers instead of running through HP/Cisco/other middlemen. It comes with like 24 10-Gigabit Ethernet ports ++. 10 GBE is like 10,000 MBPS. And most commercial hardware run 1 GBE. And then they have got a host of custom designed cable ends. *rolls eyes*.

And in the book “In the Plex“, the author says Google bought up a hell lot of fibre capacity when prices were low. Effectively they can transfer data between their datacenters for .. ‘free’. Now if you’ve ever tried to lease like 1 TBPS of dedicated up/down bandwidth, you know that’s like expensive. And Google has a hell lot of data.

The book also says that this company buys dirt cheap hard drives that are so condemned you can’t even sell them to the average joe. Prices so cheap you know it’s just going to crash in no time. But they make up for it by designing their networks and software to expect hard drives to fail. So you can just throw capacity into it, more and more, without worry. Smart. I need a reliable hard drive in my laptop because my laptop only has one main drive. If I had 100 drives, I wouldn’t care if like 10 failed if I have tons of backup.
If I need 100 x 100 GB drives = 10,000 GB
I could get 100 x $100 that lasts two years each. = $10,000
or 400 x $10 that lasts 6 months each. = $4,000
same amount of time. More work? Not if the data is redundant and auto healing. And scale that up. And not worry about hard drives failing, ever. They are just designed to fail safely.

If you wanna talk about being lean and cheap and frugal and penny-pinching, wow this company is amazingly good at it. Which really contrasts to their expenditures on creature comforts. Interesting.

Apple has OS X? They have Chrome OS, Android, and hinted that they have way more behind bars. I’m not surprised if they run a whole gamut of custom linux mods on their network hardware.

They build their own Google File System, their own password manager, their own video conferencing software, their own telephone company, I think they have a license to run a electrical plant. No they don’t have a bank. They just bought an antivirus company. They have their own email system, chat system, browser. Did I miss something? Office suite, yes. Blogging system, yes. Programming language, at least one. Self driving cars (which unfortunately obey the speed limit. People have noted driving past one, and said that it goes real slowly.) Project Glass appeared on a fashion runway.

I wish they had more asthetic chops. But geek-wise, they are beyond match. Facebook seemed to have sucked away a bunch of good people, but it just is too commercial? normal? marketing? Facebook feels like a marketing company. Google, whose 99% of profits come from advertising, doesn’t feel like one.

Apple is secretive? Google is equally secretive. I like how Larry Page doesn’t like to answer questions. Like me. No answer. Nope.

Gu Ge

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