Google Assistant

The forums are in a fluster after a recent spate of poor Google Assistant replies. The incoherent responses, whether it’s a severe mismatch in hearing, interpretation or action, is just pretty deplorable considering the answers or actions were plain wrong.

I asked ‘ok google turn off the lights’, and it turned off my phone alarm. Goodness.

As it evolves, Google needs to get this right. If Google Assistant / voice search is the future of Google (might be an exaggeration, Silicon Valley is prone to this), then it is the equivalent of Google Search. It has to work. Can you even recall a time when the great ever went down and stopped working, even in a small area, that was due to google’s fault and not some broken internet connection, telco block, country block – I can’t.

Google Search stands for ‘is the internet working’, and ‘the gateway to find everything, in some way’. It can’t break, it can’t give you a very obviously wrong answer if you phrased it right. Therefore Google Assistant needs to get to the same level of dependability, consistency, transparency. It needs to hear you correctly, comprehend you correctly, answer you correctly, and if it doesn’t, it needs to give appropriate signs on what went wrong, or stop itself.

The virtual ‘entity’ that is behind Google Search and Google Assistant needs to do so.

Google Assistant

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