Does this mean Google wants to compete with Microsoft or Apple toe-to-toe? No. Google will always be the weird kid in the corner who sporadically does something mindblowing. They’re not thinking about what’s going on now but what might happen in the distant future. Everything they’ve done up until now seems like a tiny spec of something larger and greater. The late Ray Bradbury said it best: “Life is trying things to see if they work.” And that appears to be what Google is doing.

Spot on. It’s been difficult to explain Google – the company that grew up on search, lives weirdly on advertising, and meddles in everything else for fun.

Microsoft – the normal standard work stuff. You don’t have to ask any person whether they know how to use MS Office or Windows. IT departments know this. It sucks, but it kinda works well enough. At least for their generation.

Apple – the normal entertainment stuff. Almost all of local SG population knows how to fiddle with an iOS device. not OSX though. Not good enough for work.

Google – yeah half the world knows how to Google Search for something. Some know how to use Gmail. Fewer know how to use it effectively and powerfully. And then the rest go crazy over the geek features that are difficult for the common person to configure and integrate into their daily lives.

The microsoft user is the quintessential officer worker and paper pusher. The apple user is the auntie who plays games and browses for clothes. A power google user in the office is like that kid in the corner who manages to do all those crazy awesome things on his computer other than just sending more mindnumbing corporate emails, maybe you don’t understand what he’s doing with all that data, or why those tricks are useful, maybe you won’t understand if all you do is send simple emails and play simple games.

Sometimes, some things are so complicated and difficult to comprehend that you don’t even try to teach it to someone. Learning time and pain >> Time and energy saved.


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