Getting technology out of the way

Wow, I really love Astro Teller’s speech. He’s going at it 100% for 15 minutes. Listen to it, he is so entertaining.

Of note:

1. His crazy name

2. Cool car Anti skid brake system

3. He echos what I think about driving – the insanely inane painful process of staring at the road ahead unwavering, watching everything that moves around me. ‘having to turn the wheel to follow the curvy road’ wow that’s a new one I never thought about. It is fairly dumb. Driving a car – or rather, getting somewhere, should be like taking a taxi. You call or flag down a car, tell it where you want to go, and then get there. People feel like they need the car boot to keep all their stuff, what if that is not part of the problem. That’s a separate problem. If your items can be stored at home and fetched to you by drone any time you want, then there’s no need for a car boot. If it can be offloaded to fuel efficient trucks for transport, isnt that even better. Human transport shouldn’t be the same as cargo transport.

4. Google Glass and its controversy. He’s wearing these extremely eye catching sky blue Glass. I suppose it’s

Software, connectedness, data. Not selling hardware to consumers. Software and information will rule far longer than hardware manufacturers will, at a larger scale. I guess Facebook is smart enough to not simply depend on their valuable social network, and to start building out other cool and useful technologies that might be of great value in the future.

Getting technology out of the way

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