I’ve been reading alot of election writing, on Facebook. They look surprisingly lengthy. Which is really nice, because one hardly sees long trains of thoughts and expression on current social media. Some of them are pretty insightful, and some have their flaws. But nevertheless, it is indeed lovely to see our generation grow up with the times, mature of age, and get involved in politics and the country. So much nicer than common conversations on movies and food and clothes and bags.

Someone wrote that there’s alot of interaction and vibrant community in the streets, at the rallies. That’s true. That is one thing that’s pretty undeniable and I have experienced it many times over the years. Today I exchanged a few words with an old uncle who didn’t know the way. Years ago I spoke with someone on the streets in Paris at a demonstration. When people get out into the streets, come face to face, hear each other protest, share their views in a peaceful and open manner, listen to each other, hear the opposite view.. it’s really marvelous. You start to try to understand the other side, you see how they are also human, how they have their concerns, how they can be open, how You can be open. It’s really great. People, when isolated, when deprived of information, start to have thoughts and fears fester in their minds. They hallucinate, worry, point fingers, answer their own rhetorical questions, get entrapped in their own conspiracy theories. It also helps that when there is a common enemy, people band together. It always helps.

Do I support PAP or opposition manifestos? I have my liking for parts of both, for sure. There are some points where PAP do well in the past and present. Their policies are not perfect. They try to, as a goverment, protect as many of their citizens as they can. Which naturally will lead to the collateral damage of some. They try to steer as they know how, as they only know how. They try to hang on to their position because they have ingrained into themselves the words that they try to foist on us. They believe in their grand schemes, some of which have worked, and in those they trust their good faith. Perhaps sometimes as a goverment, you have to balance too many things and watch too many factors. It is so easy to be attached by any side. But I do dislike their single-sided views, the haughtiness of many of their candidates, the lack of sincerity and dedication from many of them, the poor people-skills. They ought to be in the civil service and not in politics. There they can use their brains and follow orders. I do have my sympathies for some. Especially George Yeo. He’s a nice guy, he makes himself appear as such a nice guy. You know something, of all political players in SG and in the world, the diplomats are probably the most skilful, and George Yeo is our Minister for Foreign Affairs. Diplomats wriggle and talk their way in and out of situations; they cannot reveal secrets; they have to sometimes play along; they are probably great actors. Is George Yeo always the good innocent guy we see him as… hm… Maybe he’s deeper than he seems. The opposition are great. They’ve got some really nice people on hand. There are numerous dubious candidates, I know, but way fewer this time round. I wish they could stand individually, then it would be really easy to vote some of them in, some out, and same for PAP. This GRC system is a piece of crap. I will vote against them just to demonstrate how much it sucks. What do I stand to lose anyway.Interestingly, PAP does seem to be playing much more weakly and more cleanly this time round. Fewer personal attacks, not enough resources to dig up dirt on so many opposition members, well behaved and clean opposition, better focus on issues.. PAP’s been largely on a frail campaign of damage control and reactive measures. The opposition seems to be leading them by the nose. Fill the opposition parties with strong-speaking credible candidates and I believe they will sweep half the house. There’s a very apparent generation gap that grows and grows. It’s hard to change the allegiance of the old folks. No matter. Times are changing. And they had their man, we will have ours. No dynasty lasts forever. No matter who wins on saturday, it’s already been a sweet and progressive elections. I can forsee more of this happening next time round. PAP is no longer giving us a controlled little dose of opposition and freedom, LKY is no longer in control, the people have a mind, or minds. There are more views, the country seems bigger…people are more discerning, and the kind of love they have for their country is now different.

I feel priviledged to be able to vote a second time so young. Seeing all those who are already much older than me but are only getting to vote for the first time, it’s sad. Really. What sort of system ends up like this. I was quite surprised to hear of people wanting to spoil their vote, or not voting. It’s crazy. I dunno. It never crossed my mind and it surprised me greatly. But I guess each action says something. Vote left, vote right. Spoilt vote to indicate that both suck and you’ll rather have someone else.

I hate PAP’s last minute promises, empty apologies, silly fake good news. It’s such a turn off really. More than ever. I cannot stand it. I really can’t.