I’m still alive. but feeling a teeny bit threatened

Haha, okay shall blog abit. How fast I wish I could get out of
calcutta! I have had enough of this place in the past year. Hmm. Not
really into any indian food right now, I guess I’m still tired of
boring camp food. I want jap! And choices. Yea.

Speaking of camp food, its been actually quite an interesting two
weeks of ICT. I have actually not been back in some years. Funnily,
almost everything felt the same! Goodness. Same building, same style,
some thingies. U’d think more would have changed in so many years.
I gotta say it was nice to see all the familiar faces, do familiar
easy things. Its like being back in sch, being in class again with the
same ppl, doing the same thing, taking the same test. Well almost,
they changed the program somewhat this time round and everyone wasn’t
too pleased. Am I too vague? Secrets! :p
Is so weird to be back in camp
Is also so weird to be back in calcutta
Its almost like I never stop ‘returning’ to singapore and discovering
what has changed.

Havent had much of a proper lunch again. oops. I’m still 59.9 kg though, so im largely fine.

sea salt grilled kurobuta pork slices. woohoo. if only.


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