For me too

Elementary Season 2 Episode 20, ending:

Alistair: Sherlock Holmes, you’ve become such a cliché, standing over a grave, head heavy with dark thoughts. If this had been a scene in a play, I’d had refused to perform it.
Sherlock: I’m going to a Meeting, I’m supposed to speak. Well I thought this would be a very good place to collect my thoughts.
A: Sorry I let you down.
S: You didn’t let me down. What you did has got nothing to do with me, I understand that. Came here today because, erm, I loved you very much. And I wanted you to know that you’ll be missed.
At me, too, someone is looking,
For me, too, someone is saying,
He is sleeping, he knows nothing,
Let him sleep on.

The last few lines are from “Waiting for Godot.” legendarily beautiful sounding.

For me too

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