Fifth Estate

It seems like I am still inspired by Writing, by speeches, by eloquent expressions of grandiose ideas. [Link to a beautiful piece on modern language.]

I just watched Fifth Estate, a film about WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, the identity behind most of it. I would recommend this movie – it’s intriguing, captivating, and its got Benedict Cumberbatch.

What a massive moral dilemma – to publish or not to publish; to publish in full or redact portions. I can only imagine what the journalists and editors go through daily.

In this story, Julian Assange is such a strong visionary. He pulls the entire mission along with his character. But it gets crazy, he gets crazy. But he kinda changed some part of the world, for a brief period of time. Not that I condemn all that happened, all the potential lives he put at risk and the friends he cast aside.

I believe that people need to think more. To slow down, worry less about trivialities and focus on what matters.
Ingress was my dope for awhile. A platform for me to express myself and plot something. Until I grew beyond it and it was too small a playground, too unreal, the rewards too ephemeral in the grand scheme of things for me to bother any longer. I could still play The Game, but it no longer had challenge or meaning. If I were to control it, so what. Hah. Time to play bigger games in real life.

Life needs a narrative. Without a story, many things are just plain vanilla boring and insignificant. A stirring story breathes life into the most mundane of work. (Speaking of which, you know how plain is always likened to vanilla? Yeah that’s why I don’t like vanilla)

Nor do I believe in the anarchy themes of some groups. Too crazy. Too absurd. Systems and governments, yeah they suck. But these grow whenever society grows to certain sizes. Just like how startups and businesses grow to become corporations, and begin to have layers, hierarchies and bureaucracy. Almost unavoidable? But companies die off and rebirth. Countries rarely do that. And that is why new companies can be so innovative in the way that governments cannot.

Fifth Estate

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