is away in India. if i do not make it back alive, i have probably ascended to a higher state of transcendence and left behind all worldly pleasures and mortal pain. think of me fondly.


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  1. jh says:

    thanks much for the threatening look, that made me feel alive

    i think my post was written with some influence from Eat Pray Love. i think its idiotic that the protagonist went to india for some questionable meditation.

    think of me fondly… now which song was that from

    1. jh says:

      ah got it:

      Think of me
      think of me fondly, when
      we’ve said goodbye
      remember me
      once in a while, please
      promise me you’ll try

      When you find,
      that once again you long
      to take your heart back,
      and be free
      if you ever find a moment,
      spare a thought for me

      We never said
      our love was evergreen
      or as unchanging as the sea…
      but if you can still remember,
      stop and think of me

      Think of all the things
      we’ve shared and seen,
      don’t think about the things
      which might have been

      Think of me
      think of me waking, silent
      and resigned…
      imagine me, trying too hard to
      put you from my mind…

      Recall those days,
      look back on all those times,
      think of the things
      we’ll never do…
      there will never be a day when
      I won’t think of you

      We never said
      our love was evergreen
      or as unchanging as the sea…
      but please promise me,
      that sometimes
      you will think of me

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