There are so many ways to interpret life. When you talk to someone, and I mean really talk, right into nitty gritty details of what they Care about in life, what they Yearn for, what they believe in, what they Like, what they Choose, you find out that they actually can be very different from what they think they are. For example there are Schools of Thoughts, there are Factions, there are Parties, there are Religions, there are Institutions. These are merely broad generalisations of groups of ideas that people subscribe to and take on as an identity. But within each body, these individuals might have their own interpretations of what they actually do believe in. Yes. 

What are you favorite books?
Who is your favourite actor/actress?
Who is your favourite musician/singer?

The summer heat is frying my brain and I can no longer coherently figure out what I want to say.
Coldplay songs kinda fit my mood – an emo haze.
What is the meaning of your life?
Why is it that you turn the page and you see Life, standing tall and proud and impossibly beautiful on (I need to expend more efforts on photography)
Writing. Editing. Monocling. Being. Expressing. I need another Saturday night, another beautiful endless night in the city with happiness and bright lights, with street lamps and hands and jackets.

Back to the new upcoming darling of the online photo community: They are becoming the new Flickr. They have a growing community, with beautiful beautiful works. They have a beautiful website. They promote sharing and display. They do justice to photos. And the photos are just so beautiful. It’s like, after all the crap news in the world, you come across this and something just leaps out from your heart. It’s not a shopping site, not more silly deals, not coupons, not clothes, not travels, not shops. But it is a platform for You, to express yourself, to grow. It’s not for them to profit. 🙂

ThoughtCatalog turned up a post which pained my heart, I’ll dig it up for you later ON MAKING YOUR CHILD PLAY TENNIS. What did it mean? Why do we do something? Why do parents make their kids learn tennis, golf, drinking? What is important for the corporate bladder? You start at the bottom where the pees comes out, and then up the urinary tract, into the convoluted kidneys. When will you ever navigate the bloody paths and reach the heart or brain?
Coldplay – Christmas Lights.
I don’t think you should do this. I don’t think parents should do this. I think there’s more to life. I think that’s not part of life. I think that people should have the freedom to choose, and enjoy themselves. But does that make me hypocritical if I enjoy the cheap goods produced by low wage factory workers? Sigh. Do I say this only because I am not in a position of extreme poverty, because I can choose?
What if.

Being a good person is not about being called a good person, not about going to church on Sundays, not about…

Why did that woman misappropriate the money to buy all the branded goods? Because she was afraid of being viewed without them, because she had a mindset, because she was afraid of what she looked, because she thought she looked a particular way with and without the bags or clothes, because she had nothing else to fall back on or believe in, because she wasn’t proud of herself, because she didn’t have someone who didn’t care if she wore $3 or $300 earrings, because we did not give her something else to believe in. She didn’t steal because stealing was fun or she enjoyed it, she didn’t steal because she didn’t like you or she liked your money.

The economy and political system of a divine ecosystem and a human one. (to be expounded on. ask me)

Lost the thread of my ramble.