[bit of irony there that in order to Explore, I didn’t have to go anywhere at all.]

I used to frequent this page: http://www.flickr.com/explore/interesting/7days/

That’s Flickr’s top Explore page, where they feature popular photos. You can find some really nice ones up there, especially if you just look at the recent 7days, where the photos change frequently. So it’s not like a top photos of all time thingy. It used to be simple, just go to one page, where all the best publicly available photos of the world can be found. Great. Nowadays, it’s really tough. Photos appear on Facebook (the group photo and food ones), Instagram (the single ppl and object ones), Google+ (some professional photographers), Flickr (still), 500px (the newbie flickr bunch), and goodness knows where else. While we all like to celebrate the popularity of taking photos, and that photos are being shown to the world instead of being kept in a cabinet, dang it is really hard to keep track of things around here. Me? I’m starting to find the camera->laptop->lightroom->online thing quite a pain compared. Ifttt can’t help with this, more on ifttt in another post.


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