I watched Drive. It’s a movie about a guy with a lame nickname called The Driver.

Alright I watched it to see whats Ryan Gosling is up to. And, I am so glad I haven’t paid for his recent two movies Crazy Stupid Love and Drive. Both aren’t worth paying for, hardly the time spent watching. In Drive, he is a dumb mute, or the equivalent. I cannot comprehend why he hardly speaks. The actress is also fairly mute. But with intriguing looks.

Basically, don’t watch, unless you just like to ponder why the girl is so sad all the time. And also why she loves her lousy husband. Do not marry impetuously at a young age. Married girl with kid and husband in prison, not sexy.

carey mulligan

Hm Carey Mulligan was in Never Let Me Go. This girl has a deep painful streak in her.


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