I read this and I thought wow that’s almost like me!

I essentially don’t drink alcohol. …

I don’t hands-down refuse to ever touch it. …

I don’t completely abstain, but it’s highly infrequent, and low quantity. …

And you can read the rest of his reasons, which is a List.



  • I ‘essentially’ don’t drink since I drink so little that it’s not worth the effort to buy a full drink or participate in drinking events. I do try one or a few mouthfuls, and then I’ll rather find something I like better.
  • It makes me feel ‘meh’. Not happier. So, that’s no use.
  • It’s a strong depressant for me. Again, no fun.
  • It’s expensive. Well a million times more expensive than coffee or especially tea. And I like tea much much better.
  • It’s essentially half decomposed food. You know, partially fermented sugars. Okay I know so is cheese and lots of stuff.
  • Beer has too much gas and empty calories, Wine is overpriced and terribly bitter, Cocktails are sweet/ridiculous/overpriced.

And yeah I’m terribly picky about spending my money on things that I actually find worth it, so there’s even less of a chance of me spending money on alcohol.

And for those who say that they drink for work/socialising/something, you’re just being a spineless wuss who cannot stand up for what you believe in. It’s your life, it’s your one life, do what you want, and don’t do what you don’t want.

Did I mention about that tastebuds-blowing ice mint tea I had last week…



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