Do you believe in heaven

That’s what they liked to ask
Or they would tell you that Jesus loves you
As if I cared about Jesus
Or Mary and all the other characters in the play
They couldn’t see like Mark did
Mark who stepped behind the curtains and peeked
Past the costumes and heavy makeup
Past the glare of the lights and microphones.
We believed.
About Religion, about God, about Atheism.

Or perhaps the rain will come in runs and runs
And wash away all the grime and dust and humidity
And the feeble breeze will substitute for the monsoon gales this year
And little kind sweet nothings will be spoken
In place of warm tea crescent moons and slow deliberate footsteps
Perhaps you would understand the irony of Religion for Atheists
The senselessness of gift wrapping
The futility of overseas outlet shopping

Some things just hurt.

Do you believe in heaven

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