Digital Life!

Featured today in StraitsTimes – Digital Life. =D

Just a small article, but hey still good to have a mention!

There’s been requests for Blackberry version but it’s such a pain I dont know how to start. Or how at all to recoup costs on that platform – it ain’t free. I will need to pay for another license, and then Google for more code and customize it to work on the pretty crappy BB OS. I don’t know how to change the interface to work on non-touchscreen phones. Darn hardware.

The app/developer stuff goes to a different email, just so you don’t get confused by email address. You guys still have my trusty old gmail. and you’ll be surprised how many other variations will also reach me.

Ok time to make more use of my expensive mbp. Speaking of which, iMovie is pretty powerful. compared to Windows Movie Maker. I do not feel adventurous enough to hit Final Cut Pro or Premiere yet.

And remember to try out the app, and suggest new food places.

Digital Life!

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