Did you know | to anyone

This poem is titled did you know
And it has already started.
Much like how you were named
Even before mumy had you delivered
A year later you learnt to talk
And properly express emotions
You learnt of the big blue world
Of your birth and all that earlier.
Did you know life existed before you were born
and lasted near forever
Did you hear about the man in the forest
And dinosaurs a little earlier
I’m sitting alone in the flying tin can
Thinking of what I would tell you
I wondered if it would be sensible
And decided to save it for later
I felt in my veins a pressing need
Like the sand slipping through my fingers
But farther I fly and farther you are
Like how space has us divided
Maybe one day I sit by your side
On the beach in front of the ocean
And you will see what I will see
Together, and ever after.


a little quick something and exercise in rhyming.

Did you know | to anyone

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