Crazy home network stuff to work on

Crazy = overkill by general consumer and even possibly SME standards.

  • secure remote VPN access
  • VLAN segregation of devices
  • guest portal
  • monitoring dashboard
  • more integrated smarthome controls

I’m glad to say that I already have the base infrastructure hardware connectivity down pat, already fully working and fully underutilised. It’s quite a feat when my TV utilises two network ports, one for direct TV streaming and one for Chromecast. Because latency is one of the worst culprits of “slow” feeling once you go past a few Mbps of internet access. Also HD movie and video streaming. Or rather browsing, which is worse as it doesn’t get to buffer sufficiently.

  • full switched network
  • distributed WAP direct to switch
  • local DNS forwarder
  • single SSID network
  • local media server
  • minecraft host, nas host, plex host, etc.

Things I would wish for that would be so awesome:

  • local internet cache
  • local Google services cache of gDrive, gPhotos, gMaps. I mean, I don’t need a public 10 Terabyte POP, but just my own files would be fun. Loading all your gphotos from Jurong isn’t the most fun, even if your processor and bandwidth can keep up. (looking forward to 10 years in the future. >10gbps bandwidth and <5ms latency?
Crazy home network stuff to work on

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