Crash [self ramble]

> Just paid 67 USD to JetBrains for Rubymine

> and my backup harddisk drive is not working

> and my CrashPlan upload is wayyy too slow.

> my data redundancy plans are shot to hell and I needa buy hard drives.

[saw some drafts lying in my wordpress folder and yeah, i should post them, instead of leaving them to fossilize like someone does.]


my Seagate Freeagent 2Tb is still in seagate RMA’s hands after like 2 weeks! or was it one. I so need it back, my ancient (relatively) 320gb little WD is kinda slow at doing huge TimeMachine backups. And it so doesn’t fit my movies. And my MBP internal is getting to like 600 out of 640gb. Yeah I use That much.

i have also cancelled my Crashplan subscription. Good thing they have prepayment but no minimum period.

Did I mention my data redundancy plans are shot to hell. Yes they are. Damn Singnet upload speed to blame. I wish I had a leased line at home. Tho uploading 2gb per week is still a mouthful.

I want … a fair number of gadgets that I shouldnt be buying.

I want an NAS – to share music at home and do massive photo backups. QNAP and Synology have powerful and expensive ones.

an Mac Pro so that I can leave it on at home and remote in. because I don’t feel good leaving a MBP on 24 hrs. I could probably use a linux box but then i wont be able to do work on it. or I can run the linux as a NAS. wellz.

a iPhone to test apps and play instagram.

more MBP remotes so that I can control my iTunes from anywhere in my room without having to search for the remote. Yes I know I’m that lazy but I also skip songs obsessively.

more hard drives?

a fourthirds camera for family use and when i am lazy to carry the big one out. as convenient as phones are, the image quality is just piece of crap when you open up the photo on a 23inch IPS screen, let’s not even talk about 27inch screen. or low-light photos. or self pics.

a big whomping Sennheiser headphone because the one on the SIA plane was so cool and quiet. and surprisingly not uncomfortable even with specs on. that’ll be great for watching movies at night and not disturbing my sister. wait, do i need two sets.. and long cables. hm.

more speakers in my bedroom. surround sound is nice. okay maybe too noisy.

I want LPP status with Krisflyer and a gazillion miles. and more Advance Op-Ups please. I have since educated myself abit and decided that I received an Advance Operational Upgrade last friday at Calcutta. In FF terms, an Op-Up is an upgrade to a higher seating class due to operational decision. As compared to using your own points to upgrade. Op-Ups typically happen when flights are overbooked and are acted on by ground staff. In Advance Op-Up, you get upgraded before you check-in, which is fantastic. And then there are gate Op-Ups too. Okay, technical details are not very necessary unless you are an obsessive flyer and have enough status and chance to stumble on such things. Op-Up!

I also want a Denon record player. How cool is that. No, I’ll never find the song I wanna play. But why not, my room has only no space left after all.

I also want an SSD in my MBP because I rarely use the dvdrive, no wait, i might need it to rip DVDs. er.

I want a quad i7 because i want to wait 1 minute less when converting photos.

I don’t want more ram because I can’t seem to fill up 8gb.

I want decaf coffee beans so I can practice without killing myself.

Ok nvm. Someday

Crash [self ramble]