could break


Alright there. I did attempt to credit the source of the pic, but it was re-shared so many times I kinda got lost. So anyway, since Bob Marley’s name is up there, I figure it’s kinda sufficient.

Lovely words, ain’t it. Was off distracted reading stuff this morning while I found it hard to concentrate on work.

1. not perfect, true

2. laughter is important, true, i couldnt quite get over this ever since i heard someone say that a compatible sense of humour is a prerequisite

3. thinking is important, when do you realise when it is something

4. give you a part of him (or her) that you could break, unconsciously yes

5. don’t change him. that’s one of my philosophies. don’t change it, or you’ll never know what might become of it.

6. when there is love to be had. how true.

7. crap last line. i disagree.


i need to get more into the words game/world. i’ll starve without it.

could break