colorful bubblegum

dear friend,

haha, I can’t believe what a colourful day it is today. feeling really bouncy today.
woke up early, probably due to the noise my mother was making in the kitchen. I’m overly sensitive to such things at waking time. somewhat surprising I woke up considering I was so tired last night.
so anyway today I got out of the house, walking into the gentle sunrays, lovely blue skies and low puffy white clouds. great. and everything just look so nicely coloured. I couldn’t help comparing to the drabness of less developed cities. ain’t HDB estates sometimes so pretty. I’m serious. lalala. I was that content to see happy colourful and clean skies.

clean sharp colours everywhere. the red painted on the trains, the green on the signboards, the lush green grass, yellow tshirts. it’s like suddenly having cleaned your windows or glasses and waking up to a wonderland. a wonderland. voilà.

and the music plays Asilen Debison’s Somewhere over the rainbow. which is such a fun and happy tune. or if I would borrow a descriptor: bubblegummy. [listen on youtube]

colorful bubblegum

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