cloud services

Microsoft “Cloud” revenue – up
Google “Cloud” revenue – up
IBM “Cloud” revenue – surprisingly higher in % of the pie than I previously thought.
SAP – also big cloud services


Microsoft – I believe they have high adoption of Office 365, especially email and office suite. Due to ease of transition from Outlook and On-premise Exchange, due to need for Office apps, due to ease of management of Office licenses, AD integration. 2. Azure platform hosts of IAAS services. 3. Dynamics suite of products moving towards cloud host Dyn365 which counts more under cloud revenue than pure software.

IBM – Probably some crazy traditional large companies doing traditional systems on IBM services. It’s big, still big, and legacy enough that you wouldn’t move it easily.

AWS – lots of new age companies all started off on AWS and growing. It takes up a big growing new-age pie, especially of nascent cloud industry obviously. Doesn’t mean that it will stay biggest, but it’s a big headstart in this space and grows. Obviously they have the scale and infra to support it.

GCP – Frown. New. Small. 10%? Lack of a super strong differentiator or draw. Biggest input right now – in the enterprise space – AI/ML features, huge data ingestion and manipulation, cheaper prices. Basic IAAS – cheaper but not easy to adopt as no Active Directory, no legacy apps that can directly “upgrade” to GCP cloud version. Gsuite – still can’t compete fast enough with Office apps, unfortunately, it seriously needs to improve, and faster. AI/ML is great, but hard to adopt, too hard still. K8s is great, but also hard to adopt, and only suitable for huge web scale companies and new fancy apps. Overall Google services tend to be so far ahead of the curve that it’s hard for traditional migration but good if you have a Silicon Valley budget for a new age service.

So, cloud services is huge in that it is lumping together so many areas like IAAS, SAAS. Very different competitors in each segment, sometimes there are links and interdependency. Can’t just compare totally as a whole. So, to invest into IAAS, SAAS, or services? All three growing and maturing problably at different paces over the next decade. All will survive well for time to come. Nobody has time for everything!

cloud services

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