I wasn’t pleased that Google Analytics wasn’t showing me any data. And that I seemed to have put the Analytics scriptlet in the wrong position of the page. So, because life is so mafan when you switch between Mac and Windows, I had to:

1. Open up my windows version of ruby

2. Download the code files from the hosting service. [= git clone ]

3. I wasn’t sure that it downloaded fully, and I haven’t yet used the file manager with the hosting service on windows, [= never tried to push or pull git repo from heroku on windows. though it shld be similar. but there was one weird error line i wasn’t sure of]

4. so I created a new blank app, and uploaded to a new hosting folder. [= rails new test / cd test / git init / git add -A / git commit -m “init” / heroku create / git push heroku master / heroku rake db:migrate]

5. and that works. ok good. [= site loads fine. nothing broken.]

6. so alright the original live files are downloaded right. open up. go to folder app/views/layout/application.html.erb, open with Notepad++, copy paste one chunk.

7. save it. [= git add -A / git commit -m]

8. and then [= git remote / git remote add heroku / git push heroku master]

9. and whew it’s not broken.


alright that wasn’t all smooth. I had to google abit and backtrack some. haiz.

git’s amazing though. so is heroku. so is ruby. so is html. so is javascript. so is everything when it isn’t being broken.


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