Change in the big world


I wonder if people look at the world, feel that it’s too big, too problematic, too complicated, too difficult to change, and just decide to turn away / run away from it all.

When you realise that there are 6 billion+ living beings, and counting, and increasing faster than dying, when you realise that there are so many countries, so many ‘races’, so many religions, so many square kilometres, that you can’t even properly visit all the countries once in your lifetime, that you in your lifetime only know, interact and remember so few of them, when you realise how short your life and time is, that is when most people will just drop fancy ideas from their head and instead just grab that burger, take that commute home, watch some TV and settle in for yet another night, yet another weekend, yet another year end, yet another new year.

Indeed our little human lives are all too often so short. 24 Earth hours, 365.25 Earth days, 100 Sol years. And indeed most people do not end up making a huge change in the world during their lives, commonfolk aren’t heroes, generals, leaders, presidents, big bosses (of big companies), celebrities, etc. Heck even these people don’t always get to make significant long term lasting changes.

That’s probably why it’s so easy for us to turn away from it, to be sucked into being a part of the ecosystem, to run away into fantasy and movies and tv shows, and make-belief sports competitions, and self meditation.

But there’s always some people who feel that they could try to change something. Probably they never thought it would get so big, but it did, and it grew and grew. Change happens. Fortuitously, accidentally, decidedly?, endlessly.

The odd thing is that if you look back, you see all these massive changes happening, despite sometimes everything feeling that it might never change at all, being so set in stone and all.

The grand nations, the grand corporations, employing tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of staff, seem like too big to fail, too old to fail, and to have been around ever all the while in our lives. But they weren’t, and they’ve come, gone, changed, disappeared, so many times within years or decades.

When I get old, perhaps I will look back to the time as having lived through the Age where there was widespread Internet version x, where Apple and Google grew big (might be bigger or smaller in the fuure), where SpaceX and Tesla appeared from nothing, where Netscape Navigator was a thing, where people first learned programming (not really it started before my time), and so forth. It never really felt like anything, but when we look back, it might just be. What did it feel like to live through the rock & roll? When Bob Dylan was alive? When x celebrity was alive? When JFK was President? When Trump was President? And all I could say was it just felt like the one life I was living, no different than any other possible life I was living, which is no other. It was as good as I could have, as bad as I could have.

I think it is good to have people who dare to change, to dream, and be different. Not to try to be different or special, but because they see that some things could be better. It would be a tad sad to just accept everything at face value as the way it will always be.

In a way it’s like a parallel of the chaos theory (which is frankly quite a simple theory but hey it opened people’s minds).

There was an article today about the definition of “Space” – what is space? Yes, mostly the outside of Earth, Space. It made for some interesting thoughts on how weirdly we define that word and how we understand it so counter-intuitively and in a conflicted manner.  The absurdity of it all, really. I’m surprised human brains don’t implode or remark at our own stupidity and narrow view of the universe/physics.

Which brings me to the supposed 4D / multi dimensional / multi whatever space of the Culture science fiction novel series by Ian M. Banks. The “Level 8” tech space ships travel and function in realms beyond our description and imagination, not that the book tries to dumb it down but rather knows it cannot explain it at all. As fictional as it is, it could well be an approximation of the truth. All this fancy futuristic stuff. I’m a bit sad I will not get to experience it. Cryo preservation is not ready, nor is it useful. Why in the world spend so much money, energy and resources to preserve someone when it is more useful to grow a new human who can learn new stuff and be more useful. It was worked for eons and might work for millenia to come.

Change in the big world

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