Makan Dulu

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Me recommends this Sundanese restaurant. (the indonesian sundanese, not african) I was like okay sudanese, fine, let’s have dinner there. Then wow. It’s fairly well done up like a decent respectable restaurant. It was Katong Shopping Centre so I kinda expected something old and crude.


But it was a really quiet evening, which felt a bit suspicious. The menu was decent. Service was good. I like good service.

But the food was surprisingly mind-blowing.

Glorious tastes

FishRice basket


Damn I forgot to get a photo of the veggies since it came a bit later.

1. Rice in basket with leaf. Just a touch of fragrance. A nice gesture, since it would be totally normal for them to serve the rice in two individual plates. Very nice for us to gauge our rice amounts.

2. Popiah. Not the normal singaporean kind, but fairly tasty. Worth eating.

3. Curry chicken. Not very spicy, tasteful, thick. On the sweet side.

4. Grilled fish. Tasty. nicely grilled. sweet.

5. Stir fry long beans, eggplant, tempeh and salted fish bits. This was super nice. The crispy salted fish bits just added delightful bursts of flavour and texture to the more solid tempeh and eggplant and veg. Really really good. Worth searching for a recipe.

I am not normally overwhelmed by the food but I really like this place alot. Trust me.


Makan Dulu