Can’t Help Falling In Love With You

A heart-aching, heart-wrenching, string-tugger of a song. Surprisingly I never knew it is was an Elvis Presley song, based on Plaisir d’amour [wiki]. 

The other day we heard a superbly slow version of this song, without the background drumset beat. It was, slow. So. heart. achingly. slow. In a good way.

I described it as “when you are hugging someone, in a long hug. and you’re kind of releasing, but the other person keeps on holding you tight. and you’re like ‘oh I guess you want to hug a little longer’. that’s the feeling here when the singer dwells just that bit longer on that note. the very significant small point where it crosses just into that bit of uncomfortably long.”

It’s not easy to describe or understand. But it’s just something you have to know and have felt to understand. 

Not many singers sing it so slow. But it’s quite amazing if you come across one.  YouTube

Can’t Help Falling In Love With You

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