Calling All

Google and Samsung’s AWESOME promotional video for the Galaxy Nexus phone.


(Alright whether you like the phone or not, I hope you like the video as much as I do.)

Why I like it:

– It’s very bright, cheery, happy

– It’s very inclusive. The theme of “Calling All”, and reaching out to different groups of people. Something to delight everyone.

– It makes people feel good. It calls you pretty, genius, mad, adventurous…

– The tune is great.

– It’s got great pace.

– The scenery is beauuuutiful.

– It’s got movement. The first girl interacts with the phone and moves off: snappiness.

– The two radio-controlled plane flying guys are just moustachey nerdy. It’s so funny. Now what’s the relevance?

– The beret wearing panorama-filming guy, the young girl, shows how the camera is easily usable by normal folks and can also make videos for scruffier looking pros. All of whom are visionaries.

– “All pass-it-alongers” hilarious name that catches your attention. The image is also very suburban american. casual, cool.

– “All meeters and greeters” a bunch of different girls! different audience now.

– “All wandering navigators” google’s strong suit – their google maps navigation in the US. building a sense of adventure and excitement.

– “All late night poets”. pretty funny there. promoting voice dictation. and appealing more to the right brain folks.

– “day light dreamers”. a bit refering to the camera capabilities i think.

– that baby at the end is a super feel-good clincher that everyone can appreciate.

I think its a good ad that moves from their past more-geeky image to a more humanistic one, just like how they are trying to design the interface to be more user friendly and intuitive for everyone, for people to love the phone instead of just needing it.

Some days I flip through endless bits of news and nothing catches in my mind. Sometimes one correct word or video is all it takes to stick for a day.

I wants to go find a ice cream man and buy and ice cream sandwich. preferably the $1 ones. (the ones in town are more ex). oddly enough, I never used to think of it as ice cream sandwich, nor realise that other people eat it too. What do you know.

Calling All

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