Boyhood [with spoilers]



It was good of us to catch the movie today – I needed to see and feel some beauty after a tiring day with much work, ulcer, poor stomach, and i dunno what. I’ve been wanting to watch this, kindof. The trailer seemed nice. Vague, but nice. 

It was a beautiful movie, in a rather unexpected way. Boyhood – the movie filmed over twelve years! The children in the movie grew up, acted as themselves through the ages, and really literally was themselves. The movie was straight, raw, real, dramatic without being excessively so, filled with the angst and pain and joy and change and discovery of growing up in Texas. It wasn’t a superbly great childhood, it had its moments, good moments, bad moments, nice moments, sad moments. They experienced things, they were stupid, they learnt, nobody was perfect, nobody was totally bad. You saw the people that come into and leave your life, the positive impact they had, the negative impact they had. It was pretty understated.
And there was Ethan Hawke, who is always so loquacious and charming, and apologetic. The Apologetic Ethan Hawke, who was never a super super A-lister but somehow has that special place in people’s hearts.
Boyhood – the movie that was.
Life – the reality that was. The realness, that gets to you like no other acted-out script can.

Boyhood oddly seemed to suppose to be more about the boy? It seemed to be equal parts boy, girl, mother, father, family, extended bits of family. Everything really. It was everything. He was a quiet nondescript shy american kid. He liked drawing, he liked playing video games, he sulked around, he fought with his elder sister, his elder sister was annoying and bimbotic and full of attitude and teenage girl pains. He liked to hangout with his pal, he missed his pal, you could probably write a full sob story about his childhood but the movie didn’t dwell on it and time just raced by. just raced by. twelve years in 2 and a half hours. it was almost too short. He had no father, he had a father, he had to move, and again. His mother grew up. His mother started studying. He was studying. A girl in class liked him. He hung out. He kinda did his homework. He didn’t do his homework. He didn’t really care about his sister, he didn’t fight with her. He saw things. He just let the entire humdrum of life go pass, he busied himself, he didn’t worry too much, he cared with those eyes of his. He went out, he was delighted, he laughed, he had fun. He heard about sex, and contraception. He laughed. He boasted. He drank beer. He smoked. He had short hair. He had long hair. He had floppy hair. He had earrings. He had painted nails. He had a beat up Toyota truck. He got a job. He met his dad. He sulked around more. He had one girlfriend. Kinda. He had other friends. He went to parties. I guess. He had that bag. He graduated from high school. Only high school? Felt like he’s been through college already. He took photos. He went on road trips. He had a difficult breakup. They had a tree. They left. He had a party. A birthday party. Another party. He drove around. He left for college. He had a roommate. He skipped orientation. He met a friend. He didn’t really say that much. He didn’t do everything. He did everything. He was a boy a child a son a student. He grew up.

Have you ever watched Ethan Hawke? That guy just talks. If Robin Williams could ad-lib standup, this guy could ad-lib life and emo-ness. Hawke just goes on forever and forever.

It’s really hard to place this movie or describe it because there isn’t a single strong story or message or plot. It’s so everything, but it’s so real. That is incredible in itself because so many movies and stories are about the out-of-this-world aliens science fiction war drama love comedy. Even if it were a true story, they would over dramatize it. In Boyhood, everything was so understated. There were beautiful scenes but it wasn’t an instagram-filter movie.

I kinda like movies with no big name actors in them. I find it more believable, more appropriate. Famous actors are too themselves, they have too strong a character that you need to differentiate the movie persona from their persona. I know here there’s still Ethan Hawke. oh well.

Boyhood has 99% on RottenTomatoes.

Check out the songs in the movie.

Richard Linklater‘s upcoming “Boyhood” is truly an epic in almost every sense. Shot over the course of a decade, the film tracks the coming-of-age of a young boy in cinematic “real time,” with the movie stretching to nearly three hours to envelope you in the world Linklater crafted. So it’s only fitting that the soundtrack is equally huge and wide-ranging.

Ranging from big name acts like Coldplay, Arcade Fire, Vampire Weekend, Foo Fighters and Wilco, to indie heroes like Cat Power and Yo La Tengo, to Latino artists like Freddy Fender (classic), the tunes compiled by music supervisor Meghan Currier (who worked as a music coordinator on the equally massive lineup for “The Wolf Of Wall Street“) does a solid job of compressing a decade’s worth of pop hits and underground faves into a pretty good collection. If you need ideas for your next mixtape, look no further.”

surprisingly, we had our first date at a movie here, and it’s fitting to have another hurried, after-work movie date back here before we get married. 🙂

oh gosh the tune from this song. (darn the lyrics, but emo-ness makes for good songs.)

The Cathay is a good place for a movie. I know it’s a bit of pain to walk over from the train station, it’s in the middle of town and expensive to drive to, but it’s small, it’s got the indie movies, when you leave at night it’s like stepping out of a broadway theatre onto the quiet empty streetsides with people hanging around (not the tourists and not the shopping folk), and there’s the bright but quiet walk, a kind of quiet in the middle of the noise.


Boyhood [with spoilers]

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