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“Dead Fish go with the flow” lol

Okay that makes 24 hours in Bombay. It sounds more exotic as Bombay. Bombay, the New York City of India, where hope is alive, where everyone has dreams of something, where possibilities are real, where the roads lead somewhere, where hope is alive, and the fever’s in the air. So far I haven’t seen much, haha. Okay let’s recount the cool first 24 hrs.
Firstly the plane was great. SIA 777-300 ER has the nice wide seats and new entertainment system. Just like the A380. And I had a nice window seat (which I chose), and an empty seat beside me. That allowed me to nicely curl up in my seat and watch movie and read and write. My most comfortable air ride ever.
Mumbai airport is meh. Feels like the old thailand airport – not too dilapidated, inefficient, clunky. You get this exaasperated but oh well what can i do kinda feeling. yeah. like its Mumbai! but oh its still India. So I guess one shouldn’t hope for glass buildings or smiles or clean walls. The same silly Indian customs procedure. Waited forever and ever for our luggage. Like I mean what were they doing. So we were quite relieved to see our overloaded luggage still intact. Seriously 30kg was quite bursting.
And then… for i dunno what reason, they like to x-ray the bags again. I do not know why, but darn them. It unfortunately showed our suspiciously loaded luggage with too many free gifts. And then the customs ppl wanted to check it. Blah. And then me and ben opened up and wow there was like tons of little boxes of free manicure sets. haha. Even to me it does look funny. After some haggling that it was all for free and not for sale, and being told that its not allowed, it should be cargo, it is taxable, lala, we managed to get off. heehee.
and then a mini-mini-bus ride to our destination, some obscure serviced apartment somewhere. it was practically impossible to describe, and equally impossible to find. but we managed to get there. and it looks like crap. should not have trusted the person to book it for us. i really dont know how to describe the place. it feels like a nice hostel. = not nice as a hotel. and its indian-y. serves indian meals. i think we three are really really used to eating indian food already. seriously. sillyly i dont have keys to the room or apartment. but i have an attached bathroom, cable tv, wireless, cupboards. and its dirt cheap. yeah.
you know indian service is quite good. all those years of caste system, plus the abundance of cheap labor makes service here quite cool. you can get almost anything you want. and yes well its cheap to us.
indian breakfast. they were serving idli and vada this morning. and other miscellaneous stuff. at least it prevents me from getting fat on hotel breakfast buffets. that’s the only good deal. it darn feels like we’re living in an indian home. indian breakfast, indian lunch. and we actually went to Hyatt for nice dinner, but indian again. can you imagine having indian food for all 3 meals? actually its not that crazy.
today spent the entire day indoors at the apartment dining table discussing stuff with the new mumbai staff. it would be good to have a proper office soon. but it is also nice to be like working out of ‘home’. very funny, to fly all the way here to do this. sometimes i just can’t believe things.
yeah we went out for dinner coz the cooking here is just not great enough. Hyatt was like the closest expensive hotel nearby. it was just impossible to figure out something good to eat. went downstairs. spent a fair bit of time trying to get the taxi driver to know what Hyatt is. He claims there isnt that hotel around. but finally he was listing hotels and he mentions it. so how come we can understand him when he says it but he cant understand when we say it. idiot. and it was very close by.
so we went there. and its like so nice and posh compared to where we were staying. how depressing. hai. and then we discovered that the Fashion Week finale was tonight. lots of pretty ppl arriving. and camera men. unfortunately i was lazy to bring my camera out, din expect there to be much to take at dinner. had some nice briyani and stuff. a lassi too. so so. then walked around abit in the hotel arcade. expensive stuff. then had a drink and discussed sightseeing for tmr! yay a day of sightseeing. how amazing is that. and then it was another struggle to get the taxi driver to find the way back to this place. zz. such an headache.

bombay /1

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