seem to have somehow messed up the wordpress on my blackberry so it’s back to iPod for the moment. still feels better than trying to type on the clunky old pc keyboard that makes me feel I’m living in the stone age.
2am and typing in bed to the glare of LCD screens. a generation always online. not really curing the jet lag. especially when I get home so late and still want to do so many things.
just finished reading the ‘the perks of being a wallflower’ book. I guess you can tell by the recent few quotes. there were a few other nice moments and paragraphs but I can’t find them now. I hope I can find them again.
do I like the book? it’s nice, it touches some nerves. I haven’t seen a feelings-loaded book in some time. maybe it might be good to sometimes avoid such books because I fall so easily into this mood. but I guess it’s me and what can I say.
all the narrations of mental illnesses, drug use, high school madness and silliness, stupidity, sex, love, sexual abuse, corrupted love. lots of painful stories. is life that painful.
sometimes so oddly typical American. too typical. really.
did make me miss the old books like ‘catcher in the rye’ and ‘the stranger’. books me made me what I am and changed my life. or if I may call it, my ‘bibles’.
sometimes I wish I had a diary, to say and write all the things I might not say to other people. things I do not have a God to say to. not that I wish to have one. but well. I doubt I’ll be able to keep a book. it takes enough time to post here as it is.

never lose your dreams, ideals, innocence. never become old and jaded. never become a boring married unromantic couple who never goes out, follows routines, is work-bound, home-bound, in-laws-bound.

I have a great and perhaps obsessive need to be free. I don’t know. always. from very young till now.

ppl in the company are such gossip mongers. or are they just being normal. I don’t know. perhaps it’s a girl thing. no offense to those who are not. but then it’s not just the girls. perhaps it’s a I’m married/attached and I’m bored thing. them.

spoke some with S today. and her friend. funny to meet someone who guessed my school correctly outright, and with such confidence. so bemused by it. darn. haha. and come to think of it, we both had quite a number of typical clues anyway.

rather tired of work. or rather, sian is a more accurate term to use. six days of events in ten days is too much. not very motivated for this one. though it’s actually easier than the first one. I can’t believe they actually think it’s a challenge. quite busy today though. one thing I notice is that some people try very hard. maybe they don’t experience this so often, or they are newer at it. I just take it with a certain, how to put it, something like taking it in my stride. maybe I’m not trying hard enough, but it doesn’t matter so much to me anyway.

i’m still up. met two funny taxi drivers today. the first one was really polite and great. called me before arriving (I booked) to say he is reaching. I later saw that he’s some young ah beng looking person who dyed long hair. wow. but very polite and professional. great service. impressed. only blemish is that driving was not limo-smooth. I know it’s just a taxi but one night I had this driver who was so superbly smooth and fast. really good with his pedal work.
the second driver just talked some nonsense but was friendly and funny.
okay much more enjoyable than fighting our way in India and trying not to get lost and overcharged. yes. the perks of being a local in any place. didya see the article about New York cabbies overcharging lots of their passengers. shame on them.

wish I din have to sleep. wish life wouldn’t stop. wish the world kept turning. wish the music never stops, the dance never ends.

wish life is full of pretty bokeh. :p


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