There is a shade of gray, it is called bitter
I know, I know, it aint quite a color
But can’t you see it? Just there, there.
Its there when I drag the slider in the photoshop color picker
Right for more red, down for more gray
And thus in every shade of gentle to hot pink
There is this little tinge of bitterness.

Bitter is in bitter lemon, a most incredible drink that contains the sourness and bitterness of life wrecked up in fizzy bubbles, served on hard rocks and placed in clear glass for all to see.
Bitter is in all the ethanol that partygoers like to drink in order to get Happy, and High, in a bemusing paradoxical conflict of stimultative depressant, induced artificial Happiness and post-celebratory depression. It is in the martini you down when you are depressed, it is in the champagne when you are elated, it is in the toast when you get married, it is in the vodka when you are shot, it is not in the milk when you are born, it is not in the water before you die. It is this drink on which empires are built, and lost. It is as if there is an entire societal and commercial marketing campaign around it. If you drink, perhaps you are hip young funky cool emo emotional happy sad fun depressed thirsty suave sexy unhappy.
Bitter is when you taste the medicine and someone forgot to extract the unnecessary bark of the magical root, or fed you synthetic powder in a capsule.
Bitter is when you take a placebo that is engineered to be harder to accept, for we all know that true medicine is hard to swallow.
Bitter is when you misspell biter when you recount how you were bitten by life.
Bitter is in all these words and all the other words – because the fairy dust has faded and the footmen have become rats.
Bitter is when I try to kiss you but I only taste the cold oxidated iron in your blood.
Bitter is in the coffee you drink in the morning, topping up your reserves to spew it out to your colleagues, of course masked in caramel goodness.
Bitter are the dregs at the bottom of the porcelain tea cup, foretelling your life and prince charming.
Bitter is this non-eradicable taste, that once you know it, you taste it in everything in life, in every mouthful of dark chocolate cake.

(even the non-dark ones for the connoisseurs).

No, I know that is hardly a poem, and if it were, it sure doesn’t sound good. But I’m too tired to.

No, I don’t know what’s with the Color theme, but why not, it ain’t that bad.

Remember the Kermit song about Rainbows? Nah, just came to mind that’s all.