Been awhile

Without a post hasn’t it, did you miss me? Probably not.

Thinking. That yes many top coders and hackers have been employed into large established industries like banking, IT management. Not to mention scholarship bonds that tie you for 4 or 6 years and inculcate you with large corporate structure mindsets and working styles. Unfortunately those do not encourage innovation, or creativity, nor risk taking. When a person has been enjoying a stable salary or starts having more loans to service, there just isn’t space for risks. No risk, no gain. Or rather, no risk, slow mediocre gains. In 100 years you are going to be dead either way, why live your life being a mediocre nobody.

There are lots of intelligent people out there, who are great at counting and solving problems. High IQ isn’t it? Sometimes I fall into a trap of not thinking enough, of only solving problems when they are presented to me. It is really difficult to think outside the boxed in norms, to rebel against the system of so-this-is-how-it-works which is how we learn from a baby to a youth. We have, consciously or not, reached a stage and age where we have to start making things, breaking things, changing things. It is so dumb to have corporations and marketers tell us what to do, what to see, what to watch, what to buy. I always fear being unconsciously influenced. Sometimes I catch myself, sometimes not.


Been awhile

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